10 Hook Examples For Argumentative Essays - Tips - 2022 Guide


Essay writing is one of the most frequently used and required abilities in academic writing by an essay writer, and it is also one of the most time-consuming activities. From the first grade to the conclusion of your academic career, essay writing is a significant component of your academic assessment to evaluate your writing and critical thinking abilities. Moreover, essays vary greatly in terms of their kinds and forms; as a result, having thorough knowledge of the type of material that each essay requires is also essential.


Arguing for or against a point of view is one of the most often encountered essay forms in academic writing. Writing argumentative essays requires a strong argumentation followed by a seamless flow of the material throughout the paragraphs.


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Even though writing argumentative essays is a difficult job, you may improve your essay writing abilities with regular practice. It gets simpler for you to create and arrange your points in a logical way as you write more and more essays throughout your life. Aside from that, you must be familiar with some of the essential guidelines that will guarantee the quality and competency of your argumentative essays.


Argumentative essays are all about putting together a compelling thesis statement that is followed by concise subject sentences. When it comes to the essay, your thesis statement defines your core argument, while your topic sentences highlight the major concept of each paragraph. The use of concise subject sentences in your argumentative essay enables your readers to quickly skim over the key points of your paper. A subject sentence that is clear and succinct also demonstrates the author's ability to summarize an elaborative concept in a brief manner.


In the following part, we'll go over some of the essential techniques that you'll need to know to construct a compelling argumentative essay.


A sentence of competent quality must have the following elements:


1) Clearly state the essential concept.


Keep in mind that you should properly summarize your target conversation in the paragraph when composing your subject sentence. As an essay writer, if you are having difficulty condensing the core argument into a single topic sentence, you may always extract keywords from your thesis and use them as topic sentences throughout your paper. Having the appropriate keywords at your disposal allows you to integrate them into your subject sentences with relative ease.


2)  Be specific about your subject.


While composing your sentences, always make sure that they are related to the issue you are writing about. Write your sentences in such a way that each phrase describes one major topic that has been addressed in this paragraph. Factual or statistical information should not be used to begin your subject sentence.


3)  It should be of a reasonable length.


When composing your subject sentences, make sure that they are of a suitable length to avoid confusing the reader. For example, when I write my essay, I ensure that my sentences are not exaggerated or overly simplified. It is best if your subject sentence is between one and a half and two lines in length.


4)  Incorporate an interesting hook into the story.


Make certain that your subject phrases offer a compelling or disputed idea for the reader to consider. An attractive phrase must be used that instantly draws the reader's attention to your essay.


5) The claim must be original


An original hypothesis or a claim that you further argue in your paragraph utilizing academic and statistical proof should be used instead.


Importance of a Strong Hook in Argumentative Essays


To make your argumentative essay attractive and enticing for the readers to continue reading, begin with a strong hook. The more enticing your hook is, the greater the likelihood that your essay will be read by a reader. Starting with a captivating statement or question that will grab the attention and interest of the readers is the first step in creating a strong hook. It is easy to create a captivating hook for any essay topic, regardless of the subject matter.


Following are ten examples of strong hook statements that can be used for an argumentative essay:


Traveling to various areas of the globe may offer individuals unique insights into cultural differences, as well as, a profound respect for ways of life that are different from their own.


Every year in California, wildfires rage, burning hundreds of houses and leaving huge expanses of burned land in their wake.


Foster children's daily lives are filled with changes that are almost continuous as they are transferred from one home and family to another in what seems to be an unending cycle of relocation.


Even though we live in the twenty-first century, there are about 3 billion people who live in poverty.


"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”- George Orwell's 1984


“I'm sure of one thing that I don't know anything”- Socrates


One of the most important business secrets to know is...


One kind of gossip that people like hearing about is... Choosing the most appropriate clothes for your body type entails...


A book that many people claimed they couldn't put down was...because...


An average human spends 4.5 years of his lifetime eating.


Here you go with some pointers and techniques that can help you build and establish a captivating hook to begin your argumentative essay. Following the above-mentioned steps, you will be ready with a strong argumentative essay with an interesting hook, in no time. 


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